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Denmark’s largest robotic warehouse implemented by Element Logic

T. Hansen are investing big in automation and can now hold the title of Denmark’s largest robotic warehouse. 100 Black Line robots will push the boundaries of how quickly T. Hansen can deliver auto parts and other goods to consumers.

T. Hansen’ brand new robotic warehouse, empowered by Element Logic, will be equipped with 100 Black Line robots and 160 000 bins.

When fully operational, the huge robotic warehouse will streamline the logistics to such an extent that T. Hansen’s customers will be able to place an order until 8 p.m. and still have the goods delivered the next day. At the same time, the warehouse will enable T. Hansen to capture further market shares in its export markets, including Norway, where T. Hansen already has 40 physical stores, and in Sweden, which is a market the group are entering.

"The T. Hansen Group's journey from a small entrepreneurial company to an international group with ambitions for further expansion is an exciting Danish business story, and from Element Logic's side we are thrilled to be able to help T. Hansen on that journey."

— Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen, Managing Director of Element Logic Denmark
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Pushing the boundaries of fast delivery

The system consists of Black Line robots, which, among other things, are able to change batteries even during operation, that means the robots can work virtually around the clock.

The AutoStore solution will enable T. Hansen, with a turnover of around 220 million EUR in 2021, to pick, pack and ship goods so quickly that the consumer can order a product and have it delivered the next day. “T. Hansen lays the foundation for further growth, as they future-proof their logistics by having a warehouse solution that they can continuously expand and scale up as needed. This is exactly what makes AutoStore such a unique storage technology,” says Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen.

Facts and figures T. Hansen

Number of bins: 160 000

AutoStore robots: 100 Black Line robots

Warehouse size: 60 000 m2

T. Hansen turnover 2021: 220 million EUR

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