Element Logic behind Denmark’s largest robot warehouse

Proshop signs into the record books when the webshop opens its brand new warehouse in November 2020. With 70 AutoStore robots delivered by Element Logic and an area of 16.300 m2, the warehouse becomes Denmark's largest of its kind.

When Proshop receives an order in their webshop containing over 200.000 different products in the future, the employees get even more robotic colleagues to assist with the picking of goods.

The robot warehouse is staffed by 70 advanced AutoStore robots, which the European AutoStore specialist Element Logic has designed, delivered and installed. Element Logic has provided Proshop’s current robotic warehouse, which was operational in the summer of 2018.

Space for up to 300 robots

The new warehouse expands the number of bins from which the robots “pick” items and prepare them for shipment, from 42.000 to no less than 100.000 boxes. And although initially only 70 robots will be installed in the 16.300 sqm. large warehouse, there is room to expand the capacity to up to 300 robots if the need arises.

“Proshop wanted to automate an even larger part of their warehouse and expand its capacity significantly, so that they have a good foundation to grow their business. And it has to be said that they have the opportunity with the new robotic warehouse, ”says Managing Director of Element Logic Denmark, Nikolaj Bjørn Eriksen.

Nikolaj B. Eriksen and Ivan Jæger Christiansen

Returning to Element Logic

This is not the first time that Element Logic is behind Proshop’s robotic warehouse. In 2018, they developed Proshop’s first and existing robotic warehouse with 40 AutoStore robots at that time, helping to increase the company’s top line by 30% and double the bottom line result after just one single year.

Consequently, Proshop also had no doubt that Element Logic should once again supply the automated content to the new warehouse.

“The collaboration with Element Logic has been great and we look forward to continuing and expanding the collaboration further. We clearly see AutoStore by Element Logic as an important part of our company’s journey in the future, ” Proshop CEO Ivan Jæger Christiansen, says.

Proshop’s new warehouse is expected to be completed by November 1st 2020, so they are ready for the e-commerce’s biggest sales day; Black Friday.

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