Element Logic is approaching the billion

Element Logic expects a turnover of NOK 800 million this year, and predicts 40 percent growth in the future, when the warehousing and logistics industry in Europe takes full advantage of robotic warehousing.

We see that the threshold for using robotic technology is falling. 3-5 years ago, we thought the market would level off, but instead we see a clear growth. More and more companies are looking to automate their warehouse. We have both the longest experience and the most modern and attractive solutions. We are ready to see the big growth coming, says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO of Element Logic.

The latest robots from AutoStore, Black Line, can run over 99 percent of the time, and the robots change the battery themselves, if needed. This is one of the advantages that makes warehouse operations much more efficient. Norwegian and Nordic companies have been early adopters in using robotic warehouses, partly because we have high costs in the Nordics. We have both high rental costs for buildings, high labour costs and high-quality requirements. It drives us to think of alternative solutions and allows for innovation, says Blakseth.

Robotic Piece-Picking Solution

The company is in the forefront internationally for robotic warehouse solutions and is now launching a brand-new robot arm solution that works with both larger robots and humans.

Robotarm from Element Logic working with AutoStore robots

All the industry experts talk about robotization and point out that this is the future of the industry. For us, it is therefore very exciting to showcase the solution to the challenges everyone in the industry is facing, says Blakseth.

The solution is built on Element Logic’s unique software used with the Norwegian-developed system AutoStore and the American company RightHand Robotics. AutoStore robots drive around and fetch boxes, and a whole new robot arm picks and sorts items. Machine learning, automation and seamless integration with business systems allow inventory management to go faster and more efficiently, without the need for breaks, holidays or sick leave.

Element Logic has operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, BeNeLux, France and the UK and has identified approximately 500 potential customers within its priority segments over the next few years.

We have many customers growing and many customers already curious on automated warehouses. The market is really starting to mature, and we are ready to capitalize on the growth we are already seeing. These are both industrial and manufacturing customers, and typical growth companies that meet the increasing challenges of intralogistics They should automate warehouse operations to maintain and gain even more competitiveness, explains Blakseth.

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