Element Robotics Solutions for AutoStore

Increase your level of automation, decrease operational costs, and increase overall profit with an autonomous robotic piece-picking system.

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Element Logic has teamed-up with the American robotics company RightHand Robotics(RHR) to launch a commercial test project that enhances AutoStore systems by combining Element Logic’s software for managing AutoStore with RHR’s RightPick robotic piece-picking system. A prototype was installed recently at one of our customers’ warehouses and we hope to add it to our product portfolio in late 2019 or early 2020. 

How it works

RightPick is a robotic arm with camera-eyes and a gripping hand with fingers and a suction cup. It uses machine learning to perform various tasks and runs on a powerful Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) designed to process enormous amounts of data in a short amount of time.   

Element Logic’s software manages AutoStore systems and integrates with the RightPick robotic piece-picking system to provide: 

  • A user interface for AutoStore and RightPick 
  • Built-in operator assistance for accomplishing tasks 
  • Product location and inventory control 
  • Management of AutoStore putaway and picking processes 
  • Operational dashboard and service portal 
  • Integration with ERP / WMS and a variety of warehouse material flow handling systems


By combining our software with RHR’s RightPick robotic piece-picking system, we enable our customers to augment their AutoStore systems to increase their level of automation, decrease operational costs, and increase overall profit.