Robotic Piece-picking Solution by Element Logic

Increase your level of automation, decrease operational costs, and increase overall profit.

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What it is

The Robotic Piece-picking Solution by Element Logic combines piece-picking technology from RightHand Robotics (RHR) with AutoStore and software from Element Logic It picks and places items stored in AutoStore, enabling intralogistics customers to get ahead in their markets.

  • RangePick, place thousands of SKUs
  • Rate: Fulfill orders at high speeds for a strong ROI 
  • Reliability:  Get customers what they ordered 
  • Ready:  Run with any warehouse management software 

We offer Design and Consulting services that include a pickability assessment where customers can see for themselves how well the Robotic Piece-picking Solution picks and places their SKU’s, followed by a detailed report with recommendations tailored to their specific needs. 


How it works 

The Robotic Piece-picking Solution by Element Logic has cameras that serve as eyes and an advanced multi-function gripper with gripping fingers and a suction cup that can be used independently or simultaneously.  It is a cobot (collaborative robot) designed to work independently or in tandem with humans at the same picking station for maximum flexibility. 



What you get 

  • On-premise web-based AutoStore software application developed by Element Logic 
  • Cloud-connected machine-learning technology from RightHand Robotics 
  • An AutoStore-optimized user interface 
  • Operational dashboard and service portal 
  • Integration with Element warehouse control system for AutoStore for optimized warehouse performance OR integration with a variety of warehouse management software / ERP


Technical features

  • Camera sensors with model-free vision 
  • Best-in-class multifunction gripper 
  • Cloud-connected, fleet-learning AI 
  • Statistical data gathering 
  • Real-time, mobilecompatible statistical reporting 
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation