Element Logic’s smallest AutoStore installation in Sweden

Note, the circuit board manufacturer, opted for automation to enhance the efficiency of their production line while minimizing space requirements. This installation by Element Logic is the smallest in Sweden in terms of the number of bins used.

Element Logic has observed a growing trend towards automation in the production industry in Germany for some time. Now, an increasing number of Swedish companies are recognizing the benefits of automating their production operations. One such company is Note Torsby AB, a leading electronics manufacturing partner in Northern Europe for printed circuit boards and related products. This is Element Logic’s smallest AutoStore installation in Sweden, in terms of both the number of bins and footprint. However, it also handles the most items, with a staggering 4.5 million items. The main objective of the installation has been to reduce space and costs while optimizing the entire production line. Karin Nichols, Managing Director at Note Torsby AB, states that they selected Element Logic’s AutoStore because it provides a scalable and space-efficient warehouse that fulfills all their efficiency requirements for production and production planning.

No matter the size

“We chose AutoStore from Element Logic to get a scalable and space-efficient warehouse that meets all our efficiency needs in both production and production planning.” says Karin Nichols, Managing Director at Note Torsby AB.

The AutoStore-solution has been running for six months and it supplies the production line with printed circuit boards by picking out items that are going on to production. The system is based on the product being delivered to the picker and not the other way around, thanks to fast picking robots and stacked bins in a framework, which revolutionizes efficiency. The automated warehouse solution will help Note become cost-effective and more competitive. The system is also scalable, so if production increases in the future, Note can upscale its capacity.

“Through the installation at Note, we see further proof that AutoStore technology is ready to streamline the industry. Many people probably associate AutoStore with a certain size, but with this installation we see that robotic solutions can make a big difference for smaller companies as well.” says Anders Bohlin, Sales Director at Element Logic Sweden.

“The technology is already in place and is an established efficiency solution in e-commerce. Now the production industry has also opened its eyes to the opportunities and enormous potential”, says Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director at Element Logic Sweden.

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