Warehouse Analytics Revolutionized with eLogiq

In the fast-paced world of warehouse management software, maintaining a competitive edge is crucial for achieving success. Introducing eLogiq, a comprehensive warehouse analytics solution designed to redefine how you manage your warehouse operations. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, eLogiq empowers you to make data-driven decisions, and optimize performance.

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Understanding eLogiq: Introducing the Modules

Unlocking the potential of your warehouse begins with understanding its complexity. Dive into the modules of eLogiq and uncover insights waiting to transform your operations.

The Core: eLogiq Insights

At the heart of eLogiq lies insights, where key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics merge to provide a comprehensive view of your warehouse ecosystem. Unlock insights through productivity analyses, system health evaluations, storage utilization assessments, and wear and tear analyses to gain invaluable warehouse analytics. Discover the heartbeat of eLogiq and the world of features designed to streamline your warehouse operations and elevate your efficiency to new heights.

  • Dashboard Simplicity: Your Gateway to Insights
    eLogiq offers intuitive dashboards that provide at-a-glance visibility into your warehouse operations. Monitor key metrics effortlessly in real-time and gain the insights you need to make informed decisions swiftly, enabling you to make data-driven decisions combined with human experience.
  • Portal to Add-On Modules: Seamless Integration
    eLogiq serves as the user interface to access both existing and upcoming add-on modules, ensuring an adaptable and future-proof platform.
  • Productivity Insights: Elevating Efficiency
    Stay on top of your warehouse’s productivity with detailed analytics and performance metrics. Identify trends, track efficiency, and optimize operations for peak performance.
  • System Health Monitoring: Ensuring Stability
    Ensure the health and stability of your systems with real-time monitoring. Receive insights to address potential issues before they impact operations, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.
  • Storage Utilization Optimization: Maximizing Space
    Maximize your warehouse space with insights into storage utilization. Identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and make strategic decisions to optimize storage capacity.
  • Wear and Tear Analysis: Proactive Maintenance
    Stay ahead of maintenance needs by monitoring equipment wear and tear. eLogiq provides insights that empower you to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and improve overall equipment lifespan.
Screen of dashboard with warehouse analytics
WAREHOUSE ANALYTICS: eLogiq provides various warehouse analytics in its dashboard

Unlock Predictions: eLogiq Add-on Modules

A key advantage of eLogiq lies in its flexibility, making it both scalable and adaptable to a variety of operational demands. In addition to its insights eLogiq provides advanced add-on modules turning data into actions through predictions and recommendations. eLogiq is consistently under development, securing continuous improvement and new features to provide you with cutting-edge tools to optimize your warehouse operations.


Proactive Uptime Management: A Game-Changing Approach

One of the standout modules of eLogiq is its Proactive Uptime Management feature, an add-on that takes warehouse management to new heights revolutionizing how you maintain and safeguard your warehouse operations. By leveraging advanced algorithms, this feature predicts potential robot failures before they occur, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing downtime. Say goodbye to unexpected disruptions and idle employees, and hello to seamless efficiency.

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STAY AHEAD: With cutting-edge technology you can stay ahead and reduce downtime.

Goal: Reducing Downtime

  • Maintain productivity levels
  • Prevent production disruptions
  • Enable efficient task execution by staff



  • Webpage Display: Instantly view alerts on a dedicated webpage for swift decision-making.
  • Notifications: Receive instant alerts, ensuring key stakeholders are promptly informed of potential robot failures.


Pilot Project Summary: Real Results, Real Impact

In collaboration with a test customer, we conducted a pilot project to assess the effectiveness of proactive uptime management. The results spoke volumes:

  • Decreased System Stops: Successfully reduced system stops from 60 to 33 per month.
  • Downtime Reduction: Eliminated 27 system stops, resulting in a total reduction in downtime of 75,6 hours in a year.

Experience the difference today with eLogiq – your ultimate warehouse analytics solution.

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