Learn from the players with experience in warehouse automation

Want to know more about warehouse automation? Watch the podcast videos produced by Supply Chain Effect and learn all about how to create more efficient warehouse solutions implemented by Element Logic.

Conrad Edgren, Logistics Manager at Matsmart

The eGrocery business, Matsmart has invested in a climate-smart warehouse with automation designed and delivered by Element Logic. Conrad Edgren tells how the AutoStore solution became the obvious choice for them.

David Måsegård, Site Manager at Royal Design Group

How to handle strong growth? David Måsegård talks about the scalable benefits that come with implementing a robotic warehouse solution from Element Logic.

Mikael Törnqvist, Business Development Manager at Aditro Logistics

Mikael Törnqvist shares his thoughts on how the upswing in e-commerce has redefined our way of thinking about logistics.

Lars Lindgaard, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Boozt

In this inspiring conversation, Lars Lindgaard, shares his experiences of their advanced technology solutions and the world’s largest robotic (AutoStore) warehouse designed and empowered by Element Logic.

Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director of Element Logic Sweden

Take your warehouse to the next level. Thomas Karlsson talks about AutoStore’s rocket-like growth and how he sees the future in warehouse automation.

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