Speed Group automates the Nordic region’s largest 3PL facility

The logistics company Speed Group continues its transformation into automated warehouses. After Gothenburg, the company's large warehouse in Borås, Sweden, is next in line to install AutoStore from Element Logic. It is very easy to expand the system without having to shut down operations, says Jesper Andersson at Speed Group.

Speed Group is one of the larger warehouse companies in Sweden with around 170.000 sqm of logistics space and just over 1.000 employees. The company started in Borås, where it has the Nordic region’s largest 3PL facility, but is today also located in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
In 2017, Speed Group began its automation journey by installing AutoStore in its Gothenburg warehouse. Following a successful outcome of the previous investment with the logistics partner Element Logic, Borås is next in line with an installation of 20.000 bins and flexible space for expansion.

What is the new investment about?

– Just like during our previous automation journey, we want to streamline and replace the order picking with robots. AutoStore is a goods-to-person solution that we really believe in and since the warehouse is also equipped with solar cells on the roof, not only the robot operation becomes self-sufficient but in fact the entire warehouse, says Jesper Andersson Director Business Development at Speed Group AB.

Jesper Andersson, Director Business Development at Speed Group AB

What this means for our customers

– For us, sustainability is extremely important. We do what we can to avoid having to shut down the whole world in the future. AutoStore fits well into our climate and sustainability ambition because the system is partly very energy efficient and partly possible to operate with our photovoltaic system. It is also important that AutoStore is such a reliable solution with good operating time and extremely low downtime. At Speed Group, we really appreciate the flexibility of the system, without having to shut down operations, Jesper Andersson concludes.

– For us at Element Logic, it is an honor that Speed Group continues its investment in AutoStore solution from us, where you see clear customer advantages, shorter lead times, cost reductions, higher quality, fewer picking errors, and environmentally and sustainable solutions, Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director at Element Logic Sweden, concludes.

Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director Element Logic Sweden

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