The Aftermarket team secures the customers’ uptime.

Element Logic's vision is to help customers get the most efficient warehouses in Europe. The agreement states what Element Logic guarantees the customer and it is Aftermarket's task to solve this.

2020 was a very expansive year for Element Logic with several new customers and a lot of existing customers developing their automation. We had a chat with Marcus Rasmusson, After Market Director in Element Logic Sweden about how to work in different ways to optimize the customers’ investment in warehouse automation.

“When Sales & Delivery is ready, the Aftermarket department takes care of the customer. It is a broad area, but the goal is the same for all of us – that the customer should get the best possible uptime. This is in the mindset of our account management as well as service and support. Most of our customers expand very quickly after going live and careful and well-prepared planning is important to help forecast growth – so we ensure the system expands at the right time and size”, says Rasmusson.

99.3% uptime – with minimal support needs

The AutoStore system is extremely reliable with an uptime of 99.3%. This is thanks to a strong combination of the technical solution and Element Logic’s eManager software. For support and service, it is about securing the customers daily operational needs for both well-optimized software and hardware, both remote and on-site.

“Our support team is responsible for the helping the customer within eManager if something unexpected happens. We take care of all critical matters within 30 minutes, which is highly appreciated by our customers. Technical service works long-term with preventive maintenance and since AutoStore is a nested solution, it si­­mplifies both service and support. Something that minimizes both the financial risk and the risk of people being injured, which means that we rarely need to reach out to the customer ad-hoc compared to warehouses or fulfilment centres that operate with manual processes”, says Rasmusson.

In Element Logic’s annual customer survey, the technicians got rated extremely high.

“It’s very inspiring. They do a very good job of maintaining customers uptime”. Technical service is run by Service Managers, together with their teams of experts around in Europe. Entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation are cornerstones in how we constantly fine-tune our processes to create a better customer experience. In the end, it is the customer’s efficiency and productivity of the system solution that counts. I am incredibly proud of the technicians and everyone in the Aftermarket team who has done wonders with our existing customers over the past year and ensured a fantastically good uptime”, says Rasmusson.

Extra support at market peaks

The aftermarket team also helps the customers continuously in the event of increased needs linked to peaks, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

“We build the system based on being able to handle both peak and normal stock flow. During the peaks, we help the customer with training, workshops, and extended support to maximize the warehouse, so you get the most out of your automation. Being able to meet the customers’ extra need for support around their most important times of the year is a hygiene factor for us”, says Rasmusson.

The customer often wants more automation quickly.

2020 was an incredibly expansive year for Element Logic, with both new and existing customers making major expansions of their AutoStore systems, all over Europe.

“Through a good dialogue, we proactively help our customers in the long term. Customers are often inexperienced with automation, but they quickly become good at it and then they drive us forward. Account Managers help the customers to optimize their processes, offer the latest version of software and above all consult in the continued expansion of AutoStore as a system solution. AutoStore means scalability, where it is easy and fast to expand, with basically no disruption to the customers logistics process. The end customers do not notice when we double our customers’ storage capacity”.

“And the future looks bright for warehouse automation”, Rasmusson adds.

“The development is extremely positive in the coming years and we anticipate further growth. Our customers’ uptime remains at the centre and with our AutoStore solutions in collaboration with Element Logic’s eManager, we secure customers’ operations and generate great security in their logistics flow”, he concludes.

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