Robots roaming on top of the AutoStore grid

The world’s largest AutoStore expands before Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, Boozt expands their AutoStore system for the fourth time to meet increasing demands and even further broaden their range to customers. Now with over 1 000 robots, Boozt can still proudly claim to have the world’s largest AutoStore system. The well-established e-commerce player first installed their AutoStore system from Element Logic in March 2017 and their appetite for automation has increased in parallel with their growth.

Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Boozt has had an incredible growth journey in recent years and is today the Nordic region’s largest online department store. Although it mainly concentrates on customers in the Nordic countries, the company delivers a total of approx. 400 000 products a month in fashion and lifestyle to 24 European countries. In other words, a huge task – which would be almost impossible without an automated order processing system that works 24/7, even in total darkness.

Warehouse automation from Element Logic since 2017

Boozt chose the AutoStore system from Element Logic as their warehouse automation system. As it is highly scalable, Boozt first installed the system in 2017, and have ever since been able to scale up the number of robots, bins, and ports, when needed. This flexibility has been crucial, especially during peak seasons, such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Big expansion for this year’s Black Friday

Ever since Boozt built its state-of-the-art AutoStore warehouse from Element Logic, the company has completed four system expansions to keep up with market demands. Before Black Friday 2022, it has expanded its unique AutoStore with an additional 252 robots, 294,000 bins and 56 ports.

Boozt thus continues to have the world’s largest AutoStore installation with a total of over 1 000 robots, 300 ports and a whopping 1.2 million bins!

Robots on top of grid picking bins
With over 1000 robots, 1.2 million bins and 300 ports Boozt can still be proud to handle the world’s largest AutoStore.

– We are happy to take our commitment to automation and development to the next level in collaboration with Element Logic and AutoStore, says Sven Thiessen, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Boozt.

– Boozt and Element Logic have a close collaboration and have continuous discussions about new adaptations to the market, which means that Boozt can stay one step ahead of the growth curve. As always with expansions, an important priority has been to keep the daily operations of the AutoStore system uninterrupted, to secure close to full operation during the entire expansion process – and thus help Boozt keep their customer promises, says Marcus Rasmusson Aftermarket Director at Element Logic Sweden.

Facts and figures Boozt:

• 1 243 robots
• 1 245 000 bins
• 301 ports
• AutoStore Router software (launched in 2020)

Advantages of AutoStore:

• The robots work 24/7, meaning no downtime in the warehouse.
• Great improvement in workflow, customer satisfaction and delivery times.
• The system can be expanded, if necessary, without shutting down operations.
• Handling peak seasons without disruptions
• Boozt experiences an uptime of 99.7%.

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